Exquisite Liquids From:


The Beer/Mead/Cider List **

Brewery Brand Style ABV
18th Street Best Patio Pils Pilsner 5.00%
18th Street Black & Rigid Imperial Porter 12.00%
18th Street Sex and Candy IPA 7.40%
18th Street Here Comes the Reaper IPA 6.20%
3 Floyds Apocolypse Cow Lactose DIPA 8.60%
3 Floyds Flying Tigersault lager 4.80%
3 Floyds Zombie Dust Citra Hop Pale Ale 6.40%
3 Floyds Lazer Snake IPA 7.00%
7venth Sun Low Moral Character Whiskey Barrel Aged Quad
7venth Sun Saison Caribe Hibiscus & Lime Saison
7venth Sun Yoga Pants Oak Fermented Brett Saison w/ Rose Grapes & Must
7venth Sun Control Freak Pale Ale w/ Citra and Mosaic
B. Nektar Cinnamon Raisin Cyser cyser with cinnamon and raisin
B. Nektar Cyser of the Lambs imperial cyser
B. Nektar Sir Ashley 1 bochet aged in whiskey barrel
B. Nektar Sir Ashley 2
B. Nektar Sanchez All raspberry and honey mead (no water) 14.00%
B. Nektar #dragonsAreReal Cherry mead aged in New Holland Dragons Milk Barrels with cacoa nibs
B. Nektar Otus Supply braggot Braggot made with strawberries, almond, vanilla and brown sugar
B. Nektar Zombie Killer Cider with Honey and Tart Cherries 5.50%
Brussels Beer Project EXP American Brown Ale American Brown Ale
Brussels Beer Project French Grissete French Grisette
Bells Honey Hearted Two Hearted brewed with honey and aged in bourbon barrels with orange and lemon zest ?
Bells Raspberry Wild One mixed culture fermented brown ale with raspberries 6.20%
Bells L’Appel du Vide Blackberry sour session ale aged on blackberries 4.00%
Bells Oarsman 4.00%
Brewski Dunedin Stringduster Sour Grisette aged in Chardonnay Barrels 5.30%
Brewski Bean There, Done That Berliner Weiss 3.50%
Brewski Pink Pony Reloaded Gose 4.70%
Brewski Dolph DDH NE IPA 6.00%
Brewski Floripa Florida IPA 6.50%
Cigar City Cucumber Saison Farmhouse ale with cucumber
Cigar City 2018 Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout Imperial Stout with cinnamon, vanilla, cacao nibs, and ancho, pasilla and guajillo peppers 11.20%
Cigar City 2012 Moat Water Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Coffee and Vanilla 10.60%
Cigar City Guayabera Citra Pale Ale
Collective Arts Mash Up the Jam Dry-hopped Sour 5.20%
Collective Arts Liquid Arts Fest Beer Mikeshake IPA w/ mango, passionfruit and vanilla 5.90%
Collective Arts Life in the Clouds IPA 6.10%
Founders Backwoods Bastard Bourbon barrel aged scotch ale 11.00%
Founders Rubaeus Raspberry Ale 5.70%
Founders Mosaic Promise Single hop ale (mosaic hops / golden promise malt) 5.50%
Founders Dankwood Imperial Red IPA aged in bourbon barrels 12.20%
Funky Buddha Key Lime Pie Tart Berliner-Style Wheat Ale w/ Key Lime Juice, Cinnamon, and Vanilla 5.00%
Funky Buddha Morning Wood Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Maple Bacon Coffee Porter 13.00%
Funky Buddha Hansel Hazy IPA NE IPA 5.50%
Garden Path Fermentation The Garden Paths Led to Flowered Hoppy blonde ale with native yeast and honey 7.00%
Garden Path Fermentation The Dry Table Mead dry table mead 6.50%
Green Bench Tangerine Creamscicle Floriday Style IPA w/ Tangerine, Vanilla and Lactose
Green Bench Turbid 7 NE IPA
Green Bench Saison á Retenir (Collab w/ Central State) Foeder fermented Saison aged in Wine Barrels with Rosemary and Lime
Green Bench Manaphin Imperial Sweet Stout aged in 4 Roses Barrels w/ Cacao and Vanilla
J. Wakefield Hang 10 Shakra Brah Cherry lime Berliner Weiss
J. Wakefield Sour Berry Fin Strawberry banana orange Berliner Weiss
J. Wakefield Punch it, Chewie Sherbet-inspired Berliner Weiss with raspberries,pineapples, and oranges
J. Wakefield Nice & Smooth Coconut pineapple NE style IPA
Melovino Blueberry Jam Session Blueberry Session Mead 5.50%
Melovino ABACAXI Grilled spiced pineapple session mead 6.50%
Melovino Peachy Palmer Peach iced tea mead 4.00%
Melovino Focus Group IPA-Style Mead 6.90%
Melovino Grape Jam Session Grape Session Mead 5.50%
Mikkeller Raspberry Blush berliner with raspberies and coffee
Off Color April Rain Wild ale with sudachi and white tea
Off Color House Lions Funky Farmhouse Ale
Off Color Koi Czech-style pilsner with sake lees
Off Color Apex Predator Farmhouse Ale
Pipeworks Ninja vs. Unicorn DIPA
Pipeworks Premium Pilsner Pilsner
Pipeworks Lizard King American Pale Ale w/ Mosaic hops
Pipeworks Infinite Galaxy American Pale Ale w/ Galaxy hops
Rabbit’s Foot Meadery Raspberry Cyser raspberry, apple, honey
Rabbit’s Foot Meadery Flor de Pina Sidra pineapple hibiscus
Rabbit’s Foot Meadery Flor de Jamaica Cyser hibiscus, apple, honey 5.00%
Rabbit’s Foot Meadery Peach Cyser peach, apple, honey 6.90%
Sahtipaja Blanc Semi-Dry Mead 15.00%
Sahtipaja The Passion Passion Fruit Mead 15.70%
Sahtipaja 2 Year Old Lambic Style Lambic-Style 6.50%
Sahtipaja Babuska Maria Ay Caramba Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Vanilla and Habaneros 10.40%
Sahtipaja Feel the Beast Berliner Weisse 4.00%
Saint Somewhere Farmhouse as Fuck Farmhouse Ale ??
Saint Somewhere Caitlin farmhouse ale brewed with lots of whole dried oranges and fresh orange zest 6.00%
Saint Somewhere Anne farmhouse ale brewed with Elder Flowers 6.00%
Saint Somewhere Origine Bière de Garde 9.00%
Speciation Extinction (Lime) Sour w/ Pomegranate
Speciation Cambrian Explosion Foeder sour w/ Grapefruit
Speciation Common Descent (Lime) Lime and Mint Berliner
Speciation Genetic Drift w/ Pear Saison w/ Pear
Superstition Vanilla Blueberry Blueberry mead with vanilla aged in Iridium Flare barrels 14.00%
Superstition Ragnarok Mango mead with hatch chilies 15.00%
Superstition Grand Cru Berry Raspberry Blueberry Blackberry Strawberry mead with vanilla and white chocolate 13.00%
Superstition Velvet Stave 1/3 Cabernet pyment, 2/3 mead with Belgian dark candi syrup, cocoa nibs, and dates 13.00%
Superstition Rowley Farmhouse Collab Farmhouse mead with apricot 15.00%
Superstition Blueberry Spaceship Box Blueberry cider 5.50%
TBBC Reef Donkey Citra, Ekuanot, Motueka hops 5.50%
TBBC Florida Tart Floridaweiss Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry sour 4.20%
TBBC Canadian Lemonade Berliner Maple & Lemon Berliner 4.50%
TBBC Dat Pyrite Tho NE styleish Collab w/Escape Brewing Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra, Vic Secret, Idaho7 6.00%
Transient Mixed Fruit Foeder 2 Oak aged sour ale 6.50%
Transient The Juice is Loose DIPA 8.00%
Transient Kentuckley Imperial Breakfast Stout aged in Bourbon barrels 14.50%
Transient Cucumber Lime Salarium Gose 4.00%
Urban Farm Fermentory Blueberry Kombucha Kombucha 1.50%
Urban Farm Fermentory Saison de Gruit Gruit style Saison 5.50%
Urban Farm Fermentory Sweet & Sour Wild Fermented Mead 8.00%
Urban Farm Fermentory Seaweed Cidah Cider 6.50%

** List subject to change